Popeye in the Horror Universe: DRACULA’S DIARY

19 Aug

Every Friday… Who am I kidding?  Whenever I have time, probably every few weeks, I will be posting here an excerpt from my book, the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.  These excerpts will be entries from the book featuring some of my favorite series, often series you might not expect to find in a book about horror crossovers.


Release Date: May 1, 1982 (Setting is mid 1880s)

Series: Dracula (Michael Geare and Michael Corby)

Horror Crosses: Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde; Sweeney Todd

Non-Horror Crosses: Bulldog Drummond; Popeye; Sherlock Holmes; James Bond

The Story: Eighteen year old Dracula is sent to England by his uncle Vlad, where he is recruited into the British Secret Service and fights the evil Van Helsing.

Notes: Obviously an alternate timeline. But because of the characters that appear, it is an alternate timeline that must exist within the larger Horror Multiverse, thus its inclusion.

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And you can purchase the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia by clicking here.

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