TVCU Scare-A-Con Presentation

17 May

Hello, I’m Robert E. Wronski, Jr., author of the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia and host/executive producer of the Television Crossover Universe Podcast.

One of the hinderences in marketing the Television Crossover Universe brand and franchise, including the books and podcast, is an absence at relevant fan conventions.

We have been fortunate enough to be invited guests at the upcoming Scare-A-Con, being held June 3 – 5 at the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield, MA.

I’m seeking funds so that we can put forth the best presentation possible to market ourselves to the audience at the convention.  This convention is a local convention to where I live, so it’s very important to be present to get my name and my projects out there to a wide audience.

The convention is June 3 – 5, so I would need to raise those funds before then.  I’m asking for quite a bit of money in the stated goal, which is calculated on the exact needs to have an outstanding visual presentation at the con.  However, even the smallest donations will help us to improve our visual appearance at the con.

I know I do a lot of crowdfunding for my work, and I appreciate every donation I recieve, and I fully understand those who support me in spirit but can’t support financially.  I’m grateful for every person who is behind me and my time in any way.

It’s an honor to be invited as guests at this huge convention, and just being present will likely increase our listenership for the podcast, but also help us hosts who are also authors and publishers sell more books.

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