Filmation’s Ghost Busters in the Horror Universe: “THE VIKINGS HAVE LANDED”

11 Mar

Every Friday I will be posting here an excerpt from my book, the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.  These excerpts will be entries from the book featuring some of my favorite series, often series you might not expect to find in a book about horror crossovers.  


Release Date: September 6 – December 13, 1975 (Contemporary Setting)

Series: The Ghost Busters

The Story: The Ghost Busters work for a mysterious man who sends them on missions to dematerialize ghosts.

Notes: No relation to the 1984 film Ghostbusters, though Columbia Pictures did pay Filmation for the licensing rights. This series will have an animated spin-off in the 1980s, after the 1984 film made the name popular. It is Ghostbusters and features the sons of the two leads from this series. Real Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters were on the air at the same time. In the Now Comics Real Ghostbusters # 9, Peter mentions the other guys with the gorilla.


Release Date: November 29, 1975 (Contemporary Setting)

Horror Crosses: King Kong

The Story: The Ghost Busters encounter the ghosts of Erik the Red and Brunhilda.

Notes: Jake says that Tracy’s grandfather has experience climbing the Empire State Building. That would make Tracy the son of the son of Kong.

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