Habitat for Humanity…well, not all humanity

8 Jan

I’ve been researching Habitat for Humanity, ever since I found out that I didn’t qualify as humanity. So, it seems that they get volunteers to work for free to build these houses, which they then sell. Their website says that these homes are meant to be for everyone, because everyone deserves a home. But then, looking at the guidelines, if you live in poverty, you don’t qualify. So I’m still trying to figure out what the point of his project is. It’s not for poor people. All of their advertising makes it seem like it’s a charity that gives homes to those who can’t afford it. I’ve even seen it advertised as giving homes to the homeless. But after viewing the guidelines, nobody I know who is homeless qualifies. Nobody I know living in subsidized housing qualifies. Nobody I know on food stamps qualify. They are all too poor to qualify. So it’s not really a charity for the poor. It’s not a habitat for humanity. They don’t really stand by their “because everyone deserves a home” from their website. Basically, they are selling homes that they are getting free labor volunteers to build under the pretense that they tell these volunteers that they are helping the poor and homeless. But they absolutely are not, based on the guidelines. These homes are for those who already can afford homes.

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