Rankin-Bass in the Horror Universe: “THE MAD, MAD, MAD MONSTERS”

25 Dec

Every Friday I will be posting here an excerpt from my book, the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.  These excerpts will be entries from the book featuring some of my favorite series, often series you might not expect to find in a book about horror crossovers.


Release Date: September 23, 1972 (See Notes regarding setting)

Series: Mad Monster Party?

Horror Crosses: Frankenstein (Universal); Frankenstein (Rankin/Bass); Dracula (Universal); Wolf Man; Mummy (Universal); Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Universal); Invisible Man (Universal); Creature from the Black Lagoon; King Kong

The Story: When Dr. Henry von Frankenstein creates a bride for his monster, he decides to throw his creations a wedding.

Notes: Dear God, Henry! What have you done? Playing God. Reanimating the dead. Creating a Phyllis Diller. So this is a prequel to Mad Monster Party?, which came out in 1967, so this must take place before then. See my notes for Mad Monster Party? for my notes on the individual characters involved.

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