Website Renewal and Status

31 Oct

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

I have missed the last two Fridays of Horror Crossover Encyclopedia postings.  I’ve been busy in other aspects of my life.

I’d like to thank those who recently donated funds to help me renew this website’s domain for another year.  Thank you to Durinda Mulka, Ian Ford, Jason Gares, Jim Peyton, Barbara Wronski-Cialone, and Ivan Schablotski for sponsoring this website.  Not only did I meet my goal within the first thirty minutes of posting the fundraiser, but I actually exceeded my goal.  I appreciate all of you, and the extra funds received beyond what I needed to renew the website domain will be used towards other work related goals for my work projects, such as marketing the current books published, or to fund the books in progress.  Thanks again.  I’m overwhelmed by your support.

Next week, the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia posts should resume.

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