My experiences with TD Bank

19 Sep

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Banks commit legal theft. If we didn’t have to rely so much on electronic transactions these days, I’d have so much more money. On September 7 my account was positive. All my outstanding debits were accounted for. Granted I only had five dollars after all the pending transactions, but it was still positive. On September 8 my account had a negative balance of $30. Why? A $35 overdraft fee? Why was I overdraft? Because they charged me a $35 overdraft fee. I’m literally only overdrawn because they charged me for being overdrawn even though the overdraft penalty is what made me overdrawn. But see, now those six pending debits were also each charged a $35 fee on September 9, so I then had – $240. So when I deposited $300 on September 11, I actually had only $60 since they stole $245 from me for charging me a fee for being charged that very same fee…

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