Television Crossover Universe: Worlds and Mythology Volume I Kindle Edition

8 Jul

Exploring the world of television and film crossovers, and the alternate realities of the big and small screen.

The Television Crossover Universe is a shared reality that is created based in interconnected crossovers. The center is I Love Lucy, so to be in the TVCU, you should be able to do a six degrees of Lucy.

Television Crossover Universe: Worlds and Mythology is a combination of material originally appearing on the Television Crossover Universe and new material. This volume consists of three in-depth chronologies detailing some of the wilder theories that have been presented within the Television Crossover Universe’s history.

Flintstones Forever: The Bedrock Anomaly explains how two modern stone age families became the ancestors of comedic fat and thin duos, and eventually modern families of animation.

The Doctor Who Universe explores the world created by crossover connections that lead back to the classic long running BBC series.

A League of Their Own: Crisis of the Super Friends focuses of DC super-heroes, as depicted on the screen, attempting to explain the links that trace them back to the Television Crossover Universe.

This book is for fans of the fictional crossover, those who obsess over the details of their favorite shows and like to image their favorite characters existing out there in the multiverse.

Purchase it here.

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