13 Jun

I’m doing the final edits for TELEVISION CROSSOVER UNIVERSE: WORLDS AND MYTHOLOGY VOLUME I. Thanks to Ivan Ronald SchablotskiToby O’Brien and James Bojaciuk for making notes for me. I’m in the process of shopping for someone to design a new logo for the TELEVISION CROSSOVER UNIVERSE and SUPER ENTERTAINMENT. So far, both designers I’ve contacted have not responded to my inquiries, which is pretty frustrating. Both designers were referred to me, too, which makes it even more frustrating. I have too high of standards for those who claim to be professional, I suppose. Christofer Nigro is writing the foreword for this volume. The book should be ready for publication in 30 days. It will feature an introduction to the TVCU, three chronologies (FLINTSTONES FOREVER: THE BEDROCK ANOMALY, THE DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE, and A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN: CRISIS OF THE SUPER FRIENDS). And as a bonus, there will be a history of Super Comics, the Wronskiverse, and Chris Kowalski, finally bringing my most written about fictional counterpart to publication!

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