The Horror Crossover Encyclopedia: Bloodstalk

1 Jun


Join us each week as we share a new excerpt from Robert E. Wronski Jr.’s book, The Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, now available in print and digital editions!


Release Date: 1975 (Setting is Summer 1969)

Series: Vampirella

Horror Crosses: Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos; Dracula (novel)

The Story: Vampirella comes to Earth, the last survivor of the planet Drakulon. She manages to survive by finding a space probe from Earth on her world which then returns to Earth. First, she is found by a scientist who has created a blood substitute that he promises to give her in exchange for sex. However, she escapes from being his sex slave, and finds herself in conflict with an immortal warlock all while she is hunted by Conrad Van Helsing.

Notes: This is the first Vampirella novel. It is based upon the story from Vampirella # 8 – 11, as…

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