The Horror Crossover Encyclopedia: House of Mystery #227

25 May


Join us each week as we share a new excerpt from Robert E. Wronski Jr.’s book, The Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, now available in print and digital editions!


Release Date: October – November 1974 (Setting is 1896)

Series: House of Mystery

Horror Crosses: The Vampyre; Donald F. Glut’s Interconnected Stories

The Story: An occult bookstore owner gets a copy of a Satanic book in order to summon a demon to command. His partner kills him for the book, and casts the spell himself, and that always works out well, right?

Notes: Regarding House of Mystery: This book wasn’t always a horror anthology, and we should consider the period when it was a horror anthology a separate series on its own. As a horror anthology, each story was introduced by Cain, under the implication that he is referring to stories…

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