The State of the Wall (3/9/15)

9 Mar


The print edition of The Horror Crossover Encyclopedia was released, yesterday. This titan of knowledge clocks in at 586 pages and weighs well over two pounds.

It is available on Amazon, with more retailers to follow.

The Horror Crossover Encyclopedia_HCE_Final Cover

The Horror Crossover Encyclopedia


Robert Wronski Jr.

Cover by Axel Medellin

Remember when Abbott and Costello met Frankenstein, or when Freddy met Jason? Remember when all the monsters met for a mad, mad party, or when Scooby Doo met Mr. Hyde? Remember when Hellboy punched out the Great Old Ones or when Sherlock Holmes staked Dracula?

Or, perhaps, you’re younger and you can still vividly recall Buffy taking on Xenomorphs, or the Ghostbusters sending Cthulhu back to the watery depths, or Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods. You may recall when the Planetary Foundation dug into the secret history of giant ants and 50 foot tall women; or, possibly, the alternate…

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