The Reviews are in!!!

1 Jan

Here are a couple of reviews from Amazon.  See the original source here.

I really do think this is a good book., December 25, 2014

Just to be up front, I was an unpaid contributor to this book, so while I have a personal interest init, I don’t see a dime if it sells or doesn’t.

That said, I really do think this is a good book. Like myself, Robert’s interest in crossovers extends well beyond the limits of horror fiction, but for the most part he reigned it in to make this volume a genre-specific reference guide. Robert’s format lines up his sources according to the dates they were published / released, and this feels right to me. It’s not for everyone of course; many don’t give a fig about horror, or don’t want to suspend disbelief long enough to imagine that multiple, seemingly unrelated works of fiction share a reality. Others may appreciate the content, but prefer a format that places the stories in chronological order of when they take place, or alphabetical by title and/or author. I find that the way Robert set it up makes it a more palatable read. He also includes personal commentary on many of the sources he references, but does not discriminate against those sources he doesn’t like; if a crossover meets his criteria, it gets mentioned, and as someone with tastes that vary wildly, I really appreciate the inclusiveness.

All Crossover fans should get this NOW!, December 13, 2014
James A. Peyton “Kevlar_Heart” (White Plains, NY USA) –
Thorough — very well researched. Mr. Wronski has tackled a weird subject in a humorous way. Must have for any crossover enthusiast.

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