Aren’t you afraid of going to Hell?

14 Aug

When I tell people I’m writing a book about horror, I’m surprised at how often I’m asked if I’m afraid that I’ll go to Hell or that demons will jump out the book and possess me.  Really.  

My reply usually starts with “Well, no, why would I?”

The person I’m speaking to will then say that books with demons in them are evil, and the demons in the book will come out and possess the reader.  I say “Well, that’s really stupid.  The bible has demons in it.  Is the bible evil?  Does the bible possess you with demons?”

If they persist that horror is sin, I will then explain to them that the Bible is horror.  It features the devil as the main villain, and features lots of demons.  Like in most horror, the most innocent and meek rises to overcome and defeat the great evil.  Lots of innocent people die in the bible, even children, killed by a supernatural being.  

Now do I think the Bible is of the horror genre?  No, of course not.  But it certainly fits within some of the themes, and certainly falls into the same categories of which my protesters would would cry out against.  And the bible did introduce the greatest horror super-villain of all time.

Let me end this by saying that though I don’t like religious labels, I am a fan of Jesus and not an enemy of Christians.  I am a church goer myself.  So don’t take this self-defense out of context and view it as an attack on your religion.  Logic isn’t always the enemy of religion.  

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