26 Jul

CALL FOR ART Horror Crossover Universe To be published by 18thWall Productions in early Autumn 2014 Cover Dimensions: 9×6 PAYMENT: 8% royalties, in perpetuity. Think of the time Scooby Doo unmasked one of Henry Jekyll’s grandchildren, or the time Aliens faced off against Predators, or the time Abbott and Costello met Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolf Man, and the Invisible man. This book is an encyclopedia listing all of all of these stories, called crossovers, where a character from one series or story meets a character from another series or story. The cover should sell the idea of a *universe* of horror characters. Choice is left to the artist as to what exactly that means, be it a monster mash, a vintage-style poster, hot neon comic art, etc. In all likelihood, you will have at least two horror characters on your cover. Whatever you do, you *cannot* break copyright on characters who are not public domain; though you are more than welcome to, and in fact encouraged to, use “generic” versions of these characters. Please submit two samples of your finished work, as well as a sketch of your proposed Horror Crossover Universe cover, to James Bojaciuk at If you have previously published work, please submit a CV and links (if possible) to your published work.

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