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21 Sep


Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The thing about Luthor is that he absolutely hates Superman. He hates aliens. And he believes his reasons are absolutely reasonable thus all his actions of hate and evil are for the greater good. He hates that Superman is someone who fights for everyone, and not being out for his own interests. He hates that Superman believes in protecting everyone. Luthor hates Superman for not being like Luthor. But though Luthor’s plans to destroy Superman are always thwarted, Luthor’s smart enough to hide behind the law, and so he can continue to commit evil because he’s clever enough to pretend he’s a hero while being the worst of villains. He will destroy anyone that gets in the way of his plans, but he has the world worshiping him as a man of the people. Can you imagine how frustrating is must be for Superman to spend his days trying to save the world and fight this evil madman, only to have this evil madman continue to discredit our champion of the oppressed, and Superman is practically powerless to combat this because he’s not willing to stoop to Luthor’s level.


Porky Pigging it means to walk around with a shirt but no pants.


6pm and I’m already sleepy. I gave up coffee a few days ago after I got sick right after drinking some. I know now that it was West Nile, not the coffee, that made me sick, since it lasted for several days, but now I still can’t think about coffee without getting a sick stomach.


Just 11 more days until the start of horror month!!!


Saw a redhead driving a car with lic plate “amypond”.


Just a FYI that free photo ID are available for those who ask it from their state for voting.


Bigots are moral degenerates.


Not that I like defending Romney, but I believe in truth, and he’s been slightly misinterpreted. He didn’t say he didn’t care about 47% of this nation. He said that 47% are democrats who have already decided and won’t change their mind, so his campaign shouldn’t be focused on them. But then he went on to say very bigoted things about that 47%, which he before stated was all democrats, saying they were all feeding off the government, wanting handouts, and not paying taxes. So hate him for being a bigot, not for something that might be misinterpreted.


Why do I watch SVU? The endings are always depressing.


Well, that just sucked but it at least it seems to be over. Not sure how I got sick, but I just vomited. I had ramen for dinner, and some instant coffee. Not sure how either of those would have gotten me sick.


Google now works out the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Go to Google and search “Bacon Number” followed by the actor of your choice to see the connections


Octo-mom does porn??? In the same house where the kids live???? How did I not know this?


If I type in Elizabeth Warren in the Facebook search box, the first thing that comes up is Paul Ryan’s page. That’s…weird.


I’m afraid to visit red states.


I wish I had a rice cooker.


Feeling very lazy today. Using that they have to come into my apartment to do some work as an excuse to not do anything today.


In a perfect world, I’d be average.


I’m embarrassed to live in my building. Two days ago we got a notice that we’d have no power from 8 – 2 while the power company did work, but still all my neighbors were outside all day bitching at the power company about shutting off the power and constantly harassing them to turn it back on. I can’t believe they can’t survive for six hours during daytime when they had notice.


“Losing one wife is understandable, but losing three wives is considered to be quite careless.” — Sherlock Holmes in the Eligible Bachelor


Does flour expire? I’ve had an unopened bag of flour in my closet for five years (since I moved in.)


Put up some fall/Halloween decorations. Not because I’m feeling festive, but because I had to clean out the living room closet so the landlord and electrician can get to my attic, and since I had to pull out the decorations anyways, might as well put them up. Almost put up the Christmas decorations while I was at it.


Turns out my apartment has an attic. I’ve lived here 5 years. Had no clue.


“Who told me there was oil in my backyard? Who got me to sell phony stock to my friends? Who ran away with the money? Who got Mary mad at me? And if you’re tired of hearing ‘Who’, I got a ‘What’ for you… on second base!”–Lou Costello as Joe Bascomb in Mexican Hayride



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