Signs I’m getting old

4 Sep


Dunas Park 2

Dunas Park 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I play my TV loud.  (Course, my neighbor’s voice is still louder.)


My dark hair seems to be replaced by white hair more and more every day.



It takes me two hours to drink a cup of coffee.


I don’t recognize any of the songs nor know who performs them when listening to top 40 stations.  (Which is why I listen to classic rock.)


I don’t own an iPod, and I very much prefer the radio.


I don’t play video games.  I find them a waste of time.


My body hurts pretty much constantly.  Sometimes standing up is a chore.


I’d rather stay home and watch TV than go to a party.


I’m the guy everyone passes on the highway.


I think kids today are very disrespectful in general.  (Not my boy, though.)


I think there’s too much sex and violence on TV these days.


Everything was cooler when I was a kid.


I miss Drive-Ins.


I tell a lot of stories about when I was young (especially to my son.)


My son teaches me how to use my phone.


I find amusement parks to be boring and a waste of money.


I’ve stopped wearing shorts.






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