Just something I thought of that I’m passing along…

28 Jul
A depiction of several alternate Earths within...

A depiction of several alternate Earths within the Multiverse and the variations of the Flash inhabiting each Earth. Art by Dan Jurgens and Art Thibert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the Pre-Crisis DCU still exists, and DC doesn’t even realize they opened the door and made this happen, and I can prove it using crossovers. Ready? So we know post Flashpoint, everything that happened before never happened. It’s all gone. But there is still a multiverse. There’s Earth One (from the Earth One series), there’s Earth-2, which is featured in two new series, Earth-12 (the DCAU), Earth-16 (Young Justice), and a few other Earths visited by Superman. We also know that Earth-12 encountered a few alternate Earths. Smallville is also part of this multiverse, which also has been to alternate Earths. But we’ve also learned that Star Trek is part of this Multiverse from the Trek/Legion crossover. Trek of course is part of a greater Crossover Universe with its own multiverse, which includes encountering the Marvel Universe. Additionally, Kang’s time platform appears in the Trek/Legion crossover. Now Marvel has it’s own vast multiverse, but it’s also interacted with DC. Now those stories are not part of the new DCnU canon at all. But are they still part of of Marvel’s? Marvel hasn’t specifically negated them, and let’s consider this. Post Infinite Crisis, 52 Earths became the entirety of the multiverse. The Marvel Universe was no longer part of the DC Multiverse as before Infinite Crisis. However, while most Earths has been shaped by Mister Mind, Earth One had a different origin, in which its creation came from the conclusion of JLA/Avengers. Thus, the existence of Earth One means JLA/Avengers still happened. Post Flashpoint, Earth-One still survived intact and unchanged. Thus, those stories must have still happened, meaning that the Post Crisis DCU still exists in the current Multiverse. At the dawn of time, the DCU that DCU had been split into an infinite number of Earths, that we knew as the pre-crisis multiverse, but the Crisis merged them all into the Post Crisis DCU. But then we learned of Hypertime, in which it was revealed that while the DCU is one universe in the same multiverse as the MU, the DCU itself was still split into an infinite number of realities, that included every DC story, such as the pre-crisis DCU, imaginary stories, Elseworlds, movies, TV shows, cartoons, ect. So Thanks to Trek/Legion and the Earth-One series, the old stories still happened, and DC made this happen for us without even having a clue, because honestly, they know shit about comics.

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