My Experiences with the Supernatural

31 Mar

When I was a kid, I used to have daydreams about events that would end up coming true. Later, I would also have dreams at night that would come true. I don’t have them anymore, but from what I’ve researched, often those types of abilities go away as one grows older.

In 1981, my family moved into a house on Cottage Street in Orange. I believe the house was haunted. My first experience was when one night I woke up, and looked out my bedroom window. There was a man standing at the basement door. He was wearing a black hat and black trenchcoat. He looked up at me and had no face. I hid under the covers for a minute. When I looked again, he was gone.

Months later, I was being babysat by Debbie Skowronski’s older sister. I think her name was Tracy. She went upstairs for a moment, and ran downstairs. Apparently, she saw a strange man upstairs. She called her mom, who came over. There was no man upstairs when she arrived.

Later, we had tenants living upstairs, who were related to the previous owners of the house. Once, the previous owners came to visit, and they asked me if I had seen the ghosts yet. I was shocked, because I thought I was just being a silly kid. Once, the woman who lived there saw a girl rocking in a rocking chair, and then vanished, and one night, a 1930’s car was outside, and a man in a tux and top hat was getting out of the car. Those too disappeared.

Later, still, my cousin Phil came to visit. He was attacked by the clothes in my closet, and later that night, when he was sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag, something pulled him under the bed.

So when I was a little older, I went to the town hall and library and found out that in the 1930’s there was a family living there. The mother killed her daughter, and then disappeared, never to be found. Now we had a sub-cellar, that was all filled in with dirt, and it is my belief that the girl is buried there.

My last encounter was when an old man appeared in my room. He was talking to me, but I didn’t hear a word he said, I was so scared. I hid under my blankets, and he eventually went away.

We moved out of that house in 1989.

So in 1994, I moved in with the Barstows for a few months. I was told that the youngest son, Blaise, had an imaginary friend named Chip, who says that he used to live there. One night, a little boy crawled into my bed. At first I thought it was Blaise, but it wasn’t.

Okay, so sometime in the early ’90’s, on the way to a Civil Air Patrol meeting, it was me, Phil, Jesse, and Jesse’s friend, whose name I can’t remember, and we saw a bright light in the sky. It was UFO. We knew it wasn’t an earthly aircraft by it’s speed and the way it turned. It wasn’t a spotlight, because it didn’t have a light source on earth. It was freaky.

Okay, also in the early ’90’s, me and Rachel were driving in the middle of nowhere when we came upon a car, and my front headlights were facing the driver’s side window. There was a woman drinking blood from a guy. We panicked and took off. We never told anyone, because who would believe us?

Finally, I used to see auras. Every single thing on earth, has an electro-magnetic field, and I could see it. Everything has different colors, and people have different colors depending on their mood. It’s why I used to be able to read a person so well.

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