Social Media Marketing

28 Nov

In the digital age, small businesses and non-profits need to review the way they market their events, their products, and their services.

The internet and particularly social media has opened a new way to market, where it’s about attraction and not promotion.  You don’t have to tell everyone you’re the coolest person in the room.  You just have to be the coolest person and let them come to you.

Of course, every organization has to market a little differently to hit its target audience, but overall the methods, the dos and don’ts, are the same.

One thing is to prove that you are an expert in your area.  That means finding the online discussion forums related to your market audience.  Now it’s important to remember that to confirm you are a trusted person, you should discuss.  That means engaging in conversation, not just going in, posting an ad, and leaving.

It’s definitely important to have a Facebook page and a business Twitter, and linking them so you only have to post once and have both places display your message.  It’s very much worth paying for some advertising on Facebook.  It’s very inexpensive and your page gets marketed directly to pages of specific people who are your target audience.

Your business should also have a website, even if you just use a free blog site.  I’d recommend using Google to advertise (very much the same way as Facebook ads).  It’s also very cheap and sends a lot of traffic your way.

Of course, there is so much more involved, and this is just a starter.  But as you go, most of this marketing you can either figure out on your own, or hire someone to handle your social media marketing for you.

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