Webinars, Podcasts, and Video Chats

11 Nov

They rock.  And they suck.

The ability to offer a format where one can visually present to thousands is amazing, and that technology is here.  It’s just not perfect.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I don’t expect perfection.  Every new technology has some bad versions, then less bad versions, before it reaches its good version, at which point it is then replaced by something better and becomes obsolete.

But my annoyance is that certain presentations I’ve attended have had such problems as not allowing me in, or booting me out, or not having audio or video, ect.  And I’m always told it’s my fault.

Even though I do everything they tell me.  I download new software to support their presentation.  I close everything down.  The only thing I can’t do is not use wireless.  But really, shouldn’t all programs be accessable on a wireless computer?

So I’m taking a stand now.  I should be able to use your program on my laptop.  Why do I have to get ethernet?  It shouldn’t matter if I have a Mac or PC.  It shouldn’t matter what web browser I use.  It shouldn’t matter how many people are attending the webinar.  (If you can’t handle 8000 people, then don’t invite 8000 people.)

If you want to produce a product for people to use, then make it so people can use it without having to jump through hoops.  Or else people will find something easier to use.

And if you put on a presentation, and people can’t watch it or hear it, they will leave.  Don’t get mad at them for not having jumped through hoops to hear you.  They are the customer.  You’re the one who should be making it easy for them.

’nuff said.

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