26 Oct

This week I’ve been involved in Cyberweek, an only conference devoted to the topic of Online Despute Resolution, hosted by the ADR Hub.  It is filled with webinars, radio shows, discussions, and tweet chats related to the topic, with lots of expert to hear from and converse with.  It’s a lot of fun.

My first Cyberweek was in 2009, as a student at UMass.  It was a requirement for Law and the World Wide Web.  The next year I was a teaching assistant for Law and the World Wide Web, and also had to participate for another class, Alternative Dispute Resolution.  This is my first year where I am back of my own free will, because I enjoy it immensely.  Of course, it is also related to my work, as my sole client right now is Aresty International, who focuses on Online Dispute Resolution as part of its goal of providing access to justice to all on a global scale.

So I’m not an expert in the field, even though I’ve been part of this world for a few years now.  But if anyone is interested in checking out Cyberweek (even though it’s over in two days), here are some links.

Also, you can join in on the chat in Twitter with #adrhubchat, #cyberweek2011, #futureofjustice, #odr

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