Things that bother me on Facebook

26 Sep

Today will be my first rant on this site.  Every so often, I will do these.  If they bother you, then skip over these and just read my fun blogs.  (Though honestly I think these are fun as well.  I’m not writing out of anger, but out of sarcasm, my primary language.)

So first, let’s just put something out there.  Facebook will never charge you for their services.  They make way more money from advertising and selling the information you voluntarily provide them to companies for them to risk losing you as a member.  It’s not going to happen.  And if they did decide to charge you, this would be huge news, as Facebook has become a part of global culture.  It would be in the news.  And Facebook would have to make an announcement, which wouldn’t happen via copy and paste chain spam.  I’m sure if you’re on Facebook, you’ve noticed that when Facebook has something to tell you, it shows up on the top of your newsfeed as an official announcement to everyone.  They don’t need to rely on copying and pasting word of mouth to get their message out.

Speaking of which, guess what?  Facebook doesn’t need you to copy and paste to determine if you are active.  They have all these algorithms that tell them when you are active.  Plus, wouldn’t you just doing anything on Facebook be an indication that you are active?  Why would you have to copy and paste a message to prove it?  And honestly, if you haven’t used your Facebook in over 10 years, they don’t care and they aren’t going to delete your page.  All this info is stored in the clouds now anyways.

And also, real Amber Alerts aren’t going to be spread via copy and paste spam.  Facebook has an official Amber Alert System.  I actually get e-mails from Facebook when there is an amber alert.  Why would law enforcement rely on word of mouth when they can reach billions of people all at once by going directly to Facebook to put something out.

OK.  Whew.  I think that’s enough ranting and/or educating for today.  Will this message reach out to people and get them to wake up and make logical decisions?  Probably not.  And I will continuously see in my newsfeed 20 people with the exact same status.  Which is probably why I’m not on Facebook as much anymore.

Now to post the link to this blog on Facebook.  (OK, I can’t stay away.  Zuckerberg has my soul.)

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