Welcome to the world of Robert E. Wronski, Jr.!!!

14 Sep

Hi, I’m Robert E. Wronski, Jr., and so is my business.

I’ve recently realized that my expertise in both social media (a major marketing and public affairs tool in the information age) and in the art of productivity and efficiency are something I should share with the world, and thus after having done some extensive research, have decided that this is where my skills are best used.

I’m also the author of a blog called the Television Crossover Universe, a project which may seem silly, but that I take very seriously, and so do my fans.  I hope to eventually monetize the work I’ve done there, but really I’m just happy to be doing something I love and that others have found my site and have also enjoyed it, and even have long discussions over what I write.

Finally, though I’m not currently active, I am an investigator and researcher of the paranormal, something that has always fascinated me, and the more I discovered along the way, the more interesting it became.

This site will be the culmination of my projects.  I will have pages devoted to each of the areas of my life, and links to all the places you can find me.  And definitely check out my blog, where you’ll find that my greatest love is talking about myself.

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