I’m going to lose my own name.

18 Oct

I’m about to lose the domain name, Robert E. Wronski, Jr.com.

That means, because I can’t pay to renew the website, someone could potentially steal the name away from me, and use my name for whatever they want.

I’m on disability, and I haven’t gotten paid in two months because of a paperwork error, and even though two weeks ago, the person at the office said it was all fixed, I still haven’t gotten paid.

I’m facing eviction.  My phone has been turned off.  I’ve lost my podcast because I couldn’t pay the studio rent and iTunes fees.  And now I’m going to lose the right to my own name.

I do believe the 2nd edition of the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia will be released in a week or two.

10 Oct

Even when I’m not writing, I still manage to put out a new book.  Well, a new version of an old book.

Royalties are a great motivator!

23 Sep

My second book, Television Crossover Universe:  Worlds and Mythology Volume I, yields royalty checks deposited into my account every month.  Sure, they are small checks, but the fact that they come every month means I keep selling the book.

Every time I get an e-mail notification of a royalty check, it reminds me that someone out there wants me to keep writing.

And keep writing I shall.


Horror and Name Calling

17 Sep

The Horror Crossover Encyclopedia 2nd ed. is just weeks away from release.  Once I have a more definite release date from the publisher, I’ll let you all know.

Also, we’re having trouble naming our new upcoming spin-off podcast.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

The rumors of my regeneration…

16 Sep

I thought I had to give up writing and entertaining in order to serve a higher calling, but then God told me that writing and entertaining is my higher calling.

So my retirement/sabbatical was short lived.

So let me tell you what’s coming now that I’m back.

First, the Horror Crossover Universe 2nd ed. will be out from 18thWall Productions soon.  It will feature a new introspective by me, a new foreword by Trick or Treat Radio’s Dynamo Marz, and a new matte cover.

Next.  The podcast.  I didn’t leave the podcast.  I’m just behind the scenes like an evil mastermind.  I was going through a rough patch and hosting, directing and producing the show was tough on me.  The Television Crossover Universe Podcast, with it’s weekly guests who all have books out that need to be read before conducting a proper interview was hard on me.  I recently have had increased medical problems (though not too serious) and the taking on of a supplemental job that have made running that show properly too demanding.

So I did step back.  I am still executive producer, consultant, and a recurring guest co-host.  I’ve handed the steering wheel over to James Bojaciuk, and he will do awesome.

He has also handpicked a new cast for the new season, and if you’re a fan of the show, you’ll love the new yet familiar voices.

As for myself, Ivan Schablotski, and Chris Nigro…  If you miss us, don’t worry.  One of the more used crossover types is the spin-off, where characters from one show get to star in a new series.

We have a spin-off coming.  The TVCU Podcast is going to dive more into the author interviews as it remains the intellectual show about trivial things.

The new show is more about the three dimwits.  We’ll have lots of discussions, lots of convention specials, and occasional interviews with stars of cult movies and comic book greats.

And I’m back to work on finishing up TVCU:  Worlds and Mythology Volume II, after which I will finish the Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia.

Oh, and I’m working on a Shadow crossover chronology for the TVCU website.

So, thanks to all who let me know they weren’t happy that I was giving up.  It’s why I’m back.

And now, the Pussycats and I are about to take the TARDIS to vacation on Krypton.  It should be fine.

Remember, everything happens somewhere.  Good night.





Ending the Friday Horror Universe Posts

30 Aug

In October, the 2nd edition of the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia will be coming out.

For the past two years, I’ve been promoting the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia here for the past two years with excerpts from the book.  The excerpts I’ve made public are but a small portion of what’s in the book.  With the 2nd edition coming out, I think I’ve shared enough for free.

Be sure to keep checking back here and I’ll let you know when the second edition comes out.  Meanwhile, the original version is still available on Amazon, Smashwords, and at 18thWall Productions.

Popeye in the Horror Universe: DRACULA’S DIARY

19 Aug

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Every Friday… Who am I kidding?  Whenever I have time, probably every few weeks, I will be posting here an excerpt from my book, the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.  These excerpts will be entries from the book featuring some of my favorite series, often series you might not expect to find in a book about horror crossovers.


Release Date: May 1, 1982 (Setting is mid 1880s)

Series: Dracula (Michael Geare and Michael Corby)

Horror Crosses: Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde; Sweeney Todd

Non-Horror Crosses: Bulldog Drummond; Popeye; Sherlock Holmes; James Bond

The Story: Eighteen year old Dracula is sent to England by his uncle Vlad, where he is recruited into the British Secret Service and fights the evil Van Helsing.

Notes: Obviously an alternate timeline. But because of the characters that appear, it is an alternate timeline that must exist within the…

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