Poor People not invited to talk about poor people

13 Mar

On April 3 at 7PM, there will be a meeting in Northampton at the JFK middle school to discuss issues in Downtown Northampton.  Traditionally, “downtown issues” are those annoying poor people downtown that make us uncomfortable to see because then we have to acknowledge that they exist.

The meeting is of course held mile away from downtown Northampton, as a time and location where the buses have stopped running and at a time where people in homeless shelters cannot attend because if they miss their 5:30 PM curfew they will lose their bed and be kicked out onto the street.

This is of course a meeting to hear “all voices” but we make sure not all voices are able to be heard.

We hate when men gather to talk about women’s healthcare.  We hate when voting polls are set up so that they are inconveniently located and inaccessible to the poor or require identification that some can’t afford.

This is the same thing.

For years, the privileged class of Northampton has sought to eliminate the poor from their line of sight.  They continue to fail but they keep coming up with new schemes.  Its clear they won’t stop until this perceived pest infestation is exterminated, because they don’t see that poor people are still people.  They matter.  They have value.  They are not animals or insects to eliminate.

Please, anyone who can attend this meeting to be a voice for the voiceless, come and speak.  We must stop the constant attempts by the city to criminalize the poor, the addicted, and the mentally ill.

I continue to express to the city and community the need for a community center that will give the homeless a place to be other than outside of the businesses on Main Street.  The city and community have said no.  I have expressed that it’s better to create a place where the underlying causes of homelessness, panhandling, addiction, and crime are addressed and treated.  The community and its government have said no.

They’d rather lock them up or push them out to another community.  They’d rather take the heartless approach.  Please attend to help me support a better solution, and to provide a voice for the voiceless.


Some Updates

2 Mar

I haven’t posted here in a while.  Thought I’d update followers on what I’ve been up to.  (Mostly because I can’t think of anything more interesting to write about tonight.)

So I wrote a timeline for Dorian Gray that will be appearing in an anthology being put out by Wild Hunt Press sometime this year.

Just posted a new TVCU post on Roswell and Area 51.

I’ve been watching a lot of Christmas movies.  In November, I had come across a list of the 100 best Christmas movies and challenged myself to watch them all before Christmas.  It’s now March and I’m still working my way through the list.

Meanwhile, I’m still doing a lot of work with various organizations within my local Northampton, MA community, trying to get a community center built that will support those struggling with homelessness, addiction and mental health issues.

I am running again for city council as well.

I’m struggling to get a job that actually gives me money.  I’m thinking of going back to school for a Masters in Social Work, but not having a car has been an obstacle.

My stalkers have been legally stopped from harassing me, so that’s a relief.

I still have not seen Black Panther, and every day I end up seeing more and more spoilers, and that’s a bit bothersome.

Jessica Jones season 2 is coming out, and I still haven’t watched Defenders and Punisher, so I’m allotting myself time to take care of that.

Having become disheartened lately by many things, I’ve decided to devote the rest of my life to pizza, sleeping, and old movie.

A Disheartening Day

31 Jan

I went to the veterans lunch today. A special event was going on, with the mayor and press and such. One of my stalkers whom I have a Harassment Prevention Order against showed up. I have been instructed that should either of my two stalkers show up anywhere I’m at, I’m to call the police even if the person leaves so that the police can have it on record.

My phone battery was at 2% so I asked the director of the Building Bridges Veterans Initiative, which hosts the luncheons, to use his phone to call the police. He refused. I explained the situation to him, even though I knew he was already aware of the situation. He explained to me that he wasn’t going to ruin the event and make the Building Bridges Initiative look bad in front of the mayor and press by having the police show up.

I explained to him that I’m advised by the court to call the police, that I felt unsafe around this violent individual who physically assaulted me on Christmas Eve at church. He told me that if I felt unsafe I should leave. I should leave.

The director of the Building Bridges Initiative is also a pastor at Cathedral in the Night. I’ve been involved with them from day one, when I was the only volunteer they had, and they would parade me around like their mascot. Today I felt betrayed. He made it clear that I’m not safe there. He made it clear that I don’t matter.

I had to leave and go home to charge my phone and call the police. Fortunately, the police came quickly, and after taking my statement went to look for my predator. Of course their first stop was to go to the luncheon, which Pastor Chris Carlisle didn’t want to happen. Because the police put the law and safety before political motivation. Sadly the pastor put political motivation before the law and safety.

I’m so hurt. I’m struggling to process these emotions.



22 Dec
2017 was a year of transformation and plot twists.
Creating the Northampton Community Support Network. That failed, technically, but it led to other opportunities that supported the same goals.
Started the ELCA School of Lay Ministry.
Joined a city committee.
Ran for city council.
Wrote something new for a new publisher.
Created another new podcast. Cancelled (sort of) that new podcast.
Got a new job, potentially leading to other job opportunities.
Came out as queer.
Was found to no longer be mentally disabled.
I started 2017 in a very dark place, which led me to create change in my life, which opened up all sorts of new opportunities and an exploration of who I am. Who we are. I am not the same persons that I was twelve months ago, and would never have imagined how much would have changed in one year. And though I’ve gone through change and transformation, regeneration if you will, that took me out of that dark place and brought me to a more spiritually minded place, it has brought with it more challenges which I now carry into the new year.
I’m now only working eight hours a week paid, and a lot of volunteer work, but now have my primary income source gone. As I move forward, will I find employment that will help me to continue the work I’ve been doing in this community, or will I find work that will take me away from working with the community.
As my writing picks back up again, how will that affect my priorities?
Having had a second attempt at a relationship that wasn’t healthy, have I given up on love?
I entered the world of politics this year? Will I move forward in that direction? And what of the opportunities that are potentially before me in the field of recovery?
Will my not having a car prevent me from gaining employment? Will my not having employment prevent me from having a car?
As someone who has gone from being a homeless, mentally ill alcoholic to a person who serves the homeless, mentally ill, and addicted, how does that affect my social relationships. As 2017 ends, I find those in my old peer community resentful of my success, and those of my new peer community skeptical of my abilities. I find myself in a lonely place where I walk in two worlds and feel welcome in neither.
One thing that won’t change is my excessive sharing on social media that makes Trump look reserved in comparison.

One Year

12 Nov

I know this has been a tough year for our nation but for me personally, this has been an amazing year of positive transformation. One year ago on this date, I was feeling so much pain and hopelessness. And from that depth, I regenerated into a new person.

This year I came out, my heart healed from romantic wounds, I returned to writing and to creating a new podcast. I began studying in the School of Lay Ministry. I created a new organization to help those in need. I got a job with the Northampton Recovery Project. And I even ran for public office.

Tonight I celebrated a year of transformation, having come out of the depths of despair. I’m blessed to have be part of a loving community of friends and family that have walked with me through the lows and highs and supported me through my transformation.


Our second guest speaker event was a success!

11 Nov


Friday’s group attendance doubled. We had a guest speaker, Kali Baba McConnell, who spoke on isolation. We had many new attendees and there was a lot of great discussion following the speaker’s story.


It was great to have new faces at the group, a trend that seems to be recurring when we have guest speaker events. I hope word keeps spreading so we can keep expanding. As most know, this group is just the beginning of a greater vision I have for this community.


Please don’t give terrorists what they want.

31 Oct

Terrorism has only one goal. To spread terror, which leads to hate, because terrorists do no know love and they do not know God. They only know hate and so they wish to spread this.
When you react to terrorism with hate and bigotry, then they have been successful. When you spread hate and bigotry, then you are helping the terrorists spread their campaign of terror.
They want to be hated. And they want others who aren’t terrorists to be hated. Creating a world of hatred is their goal. Peace and unity is what they are fighting against.
Fight terrorism. Support peace and unity. Reject hatred and bigotry.